January 12, a wonderful day.

5 Apr

so much beauty today
my eyes arent my own
a poet would laugh at this
his work would already be done

new yorks number one cliche
with a pen on a bench

i no longer care
i worship today

the city is a canvas
the greatest on earth
only a walk from brooklyn to the west of the island

sunshine and people
energy everywhere

you can feel the peace from the noise to the silence
life is going on more than anywhere else

a lady strolls
her dog struts behind her
taking her time
taking their time

a guy compliments me on my photography skills
i offered to shoot a picture of two girls on the promenade
i make it good: a memory made

the 4 at bowling green
could be a chauffered car
it was right at the platform waiting for me

i give up my seat
to a woman expecting
im glad that i still know to do that
even if others dont

the best street show yet
i walk right into
the positive brothers
funny and talented
didnt bring any money with me, so i cant leave a dime
im sorry

caribbean blue leaves my ear to dance with the water
as i approach the edge of the pier, engulfed by the sun
boats move to smooth, not a sound emerges

seagulls the pier soldiers
lined up in a row

memorials are everywhere
i wish my dad and mom there with me

get called beautiful by many passerbys
gross as it is
it still makes me smile

all i have
my shoes, my keys my shuffle

wish dave was there for some parts
the day makes me thank him for being in my life

my energy would not have swept me off my feet
and carried me outside to see this glorious day

i actually broke tears a couple of times
as a laugh at my ridiculousness, i still feel the joy

i passed the WTC
pass the iron cross
intersecting the flag
as mournful music i hear
a forced moment of silence

my day was so filled
with perfection

i cannot believe this was all two hours
and i start to feel hunger.

thank you god for these feet, for my health and my life
thank you for my city, my friends, my boyfriend my job
my sight, my hearing, my body, my mind

thank you for this thirst, this faith and these tears

i cannot understand your bigness, it awes me

a dog just stopped cold, and stared at me, didnt want to go on, wanted my hand to graze his head.

i look at the bridge, my front sidewalk
i look at downtown the sun its partner in crime
i look at the water
i turn to myself

life is a miracle

i am grateful. unworthy. open. growing. utterly stunned to silence again.

i love this place.

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