love is a gateway drug.

5 Apr

what is my meaning?
i lose it: it gains: takes over my mind
then disintigrates in my hand

the oddest design
a pyramid with no endpoint
unattainable clarity: perpetual fog.

for the clearing i wait
then again: i enjoy its grain
its distortion: its infinite descention

just like you imagined?
my answer just changed
and changes again

the nights of gazing and kindness and kisses
my heart at its peak
the child alive

then reality stomps its foot on my cloud
suffocation: defeat
a tiny regret on my finger

then blown away
floating away
a child no more

a women instead
imagination more real
but floating anyway

future important
yet comes always too soon
defiant mind: evading its truths

pushes forth to cut ties
but does not succeed

back to girl i go
a perpetual see-saw i ride
the very best kind.


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