The New York Theory

31 May

This is from Matchbook, by Samantha Daniels. I love it. I’m sure polling anyone in Manhattan would yield the same, all agreed.

“Let me tell you about a little theory I have. I call it the 85 percent theory. When someone is dating a person they actually like, that person usually has 85 percent of the things they are looking for, but there is about 15 percent remaining that they wish was different. In most towns and cities across the country, normal people are satisfied with the 85 percent and take the plunge and get married because, if you think about it, 85 percent is pretty good. But in New York, people are obsessed with perfection. They are complete overachievers and they won’t settle. So time and time again, they throw back 85 percent in an attempt to get 100 percent, but when they ‘go fish’ again, they just get another 85 percent, a different 85 percent of the things they want in a person. They keep trying and trying, and throwing back and fishing again, and as a result a lot of people stay single.”

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