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July 30, 2006

30 Jul

Friend came into town that I had not seen in three years. I highly suggest meeting up with people who knew the real you when you were younger….it reminded me of my old self and it was fantastic to see her…she hadn’t changed a bit. Beautiful day.

A Reminder of the Beauty in Silence.

13 Jul

The other day I took a look within and realized I had busied myself here in New York that there was not much silence surrounding me. My lifestyle has changed my own rhythm so much that as a result, how I perform each day allows for less and less personal reflection. Am I being a decent human being, am I happy, am I consciously working to make other’s happy, and so on and so forth. There is a tremondous amount of personal intelligence, understanding, and peace gained from my own silence. My body and mind craves it, yet I continually ignore its need to be present by laziness, stress, and other factors. I wrote it down yesterday, a reminder to always remember my own silence. Watching the lights out the subway window, taking five minutes outdoors before venturing to work or home, stretching for just one extra iPod tune after working out, closing my eyes and taking three exaggerated deep breaths for no reason than to feel its goodness. Just something. Once in a while. For my sanity, my own peace, and a moments time to just be in myself, just be completely aware of me. Stop reacting and listening to what’s around me, and listen to my own heart. You have to communicate with your heart often or it can mislead you, betray you, or stop making its presence known altogether. This extra time brings out not only my spirituality, but my happiness. And coming from my favorite line in “The Alchemist”, by Paul Coelho, “It is said that all people who are happy have God within them.” Amen. Try to take a moment for yourself, it feels great, and you might learn something. I promise.