Been awhile.

30 Apr

I know I haven’t written much in awhile, for that I am sure it does not matter to you in the least.

Just want you to know that is going to change. Now.

Today: the office was so quiet you could hear a mouse scamper–and they often do. It was so damn BORING that it made me realize my own conundrum. I do stimulating, creative work; but only collaborate with myself. Most agencies, shops, etc. have “collaborative” environments with smart, creative people.  Being the only “creative” person makes for a very “uncreative” place to work. I need to fix this. I try music; I try self-explorative creative training. And yet still days like this; normal, no-name Tuesdays filled with silence and keyboard tapping. *sigh*

On an even sadder note I sold my Vespa today to a very nice French girl from, well, France–more recently a new inhabitant of Sunset Park. I will never forget the last moment. The title transfered, the keys swapped. Now she is wearing my old favorite army green military-style riding jacket…donning my signature white helmet and revving my little 150CC engine. But alas, it was not mine anymore. I kept my white leather gloves…they were trashed from use, and I had to keep something to remember the two years of being a Vespa owner. Maybe one day I will need them again. I guess now I can use this money for my “Travel Fund”. Look out world.

Well that is it for now, I must retire to a bath with my Amazon Kindle, reading my favorite “Pendergast” shenanigans. I may mourn my Vespa a bit, but I no longer have the worry of a vehicle on the streets of Brooklyn. It was surely good to me though, adieu lovely Vespa, adieu…


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