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1 May

Cat with his owner. It was the stoners down the hall. The cats name is Peppers. Cute.

UPDATE 5/8/08: Last night I came home found this on my doorstep with a cute Thank You post-it saying how grateful he was that I took care of Peppers. So sweet.

Totally unfair.

1 May

unhappyI just saw my neighbors (BTW she works for the MOMA!) one bedroom apartment and it is huge! So big. Alcove kitchen, bedroom twice the size of mine, and a large living room area. WHAT!! I asked her how much her rent was, and it was about $20 more than mine. This is the biggest travesty of all. She even has a decent view north towards Manhattan. I just don’t have anything to add here…I do have a bigger closet. Drat, it’s no use, I feel like the girl with the shitty lunch bag in the cafeteria.

It was good.

1 May


The show was good, Katie and I would probably have enjoyed it more if we were “maybe 8 years older”. It had some nice moments where he uncannily plays the role of his grandmother, mother, father, brother, and psychiatrist. A true one-man show. An auto-biographical representation of his life as a Renaissance geek in a society that shuns it. The impersonations and cute analogies made it a fun story-telling experience.

On my way into my apartment there was a Russian Blue feline waiting for me, trying to work his way into my apartment. He looked just like this picture, do you know him? Very peculiar. I then meet the nicest girl in my building (the only one in a year of living here) Amy who tried to help me find the owner. He/she could not be found. To be continued…


1 May


If you haven’t heard of it, now is the time to introduce yourself. The show is FUERZABRUTA, one of the best shows that exists right now in New York. Big statement, I know. But I guarantee you have never seen anything like it, and I guarantee you will never forget it either. Check out the site. A video here. And here.

Imagine a combination of psychedelic lighting, huge shiny parachutes flying, acrobatics and aerialists of the most eccentric kind, a dancy club fit with DJ booth, destructive piles of “stuff” falling everywhere, and being under a water tank with gorgeous bodies swirling, slapping, and gliding above you.

Oh, and tickets right now, if you know where to look, are discounted to $40 (usually $70) for select shows. Tell me if your going, hell, I will go with you. I’ll go twice. So fun. 

Straight up.

1 May

Straight Up with a Twist

So today is the day for my great friend Katie and I to venture to The Players Theater to see Straight Up. We are definitely looking forward to finding out if this show is any good…as of now we are wondering why there is a power-drill mixer on the cover. Hmm, we will keep you posted on that one. Also, tonight is resume night, Ms. Sherman will use her magical powers of the pen to revamp the “Tracee-that-exists-on-paper”. It should be a great night! Can’t wait to see what we come up with. 

Anybody else looking forward to the fact that it is almost Friday? Raise your hand.