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The sky has fallen, and it brought beer.

2 May

Actually, no, but a beer garden plopped itself down into my ‘hood. On Franklin Ave. A place to drink that is actually attractive (with outdoor seating) on the border of Crown Heights. Ha. I seriously thought I was going to have to settle for a six pack next to my open window to get the effect of having a decent place to go in my hood.  Check out their site for more pictures. Anybody want to go with me? Cheers to BK!

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My bro and I are idiots.

2 May

Email Thread 05/02/08:

Drew: I have been talking to Crystal lately about future homes and I would like to build a home with a lot of recycled materials.

Me: yes and hopefully complete with water-saving, eco friendly appliances.

Drew: and electricity conserving… what else you got?

Me: biodegradable flatware, self-propelled ceiling fans that work on manual winding, trashcan fit with worms to break down garbage into reusable compost- outside garden with freshly made garbage fertilizer.

Drew: pond for a pool, couches made from old stuffed animal furs, cave for garage, roof is tree tops, grass as carpet, bed is a pile of leaves, heating is maintained by sun and fire, AC is a cool breeze, toilet is small hole dug in ground, and ipod is sounds made from mouth.

On a more brillant note! Drew designed the Challenge coin for Coast Guard Health Service. Check it out and tell us what you think! It is good for his ego.

Isabel Myers-Briggs typology.

2 May


A really useful tool for relationships-personal AND work-to understand the way you interact with others and perceive life. I learned a lot about how my mom, and boyfriend handle things this way.
The Navy used this constantly to know how to communicate well with each other.
There are many full blown tests available but this website was very simple, easy, and had some useful tidbits (what careers you would do well at, how to love your partner, etc.)
The Quiz: Personality Type

This is what I am: ENTP



2 May

coney island freak showCouple things possible to do this weekend:

city-wide scavenger hunt.

Slightly pricey 40,000-square-foot flea market with Brooklyn venders.

Get my face illustrated for a blog.

Sideshow freakfest in Coney Island.

Any other suggestions?