My bro and I are idiots.

2 May

Email Thread 05/02/08:

Drew: I have been talking to Crystal lately about future homes and I would like to build a home with a lot of recycled materials.

Me: yes and hopefully complete with water-saving, eco friendly appliances.

Drew: and electricity conserving… what else you got?

Me: biodegradable flatware, self-propelled ceiling fans that work on manual winding, trashcan fit with worms to break down garbage into reusable compost- outside garden with freshly made garbage fertilizer.

Drew: pond for a pool, couches made from old stuffed animal furs, cave for garage, roof is tree tops, grass as carpet, bed is a pile of leaves, heating is maintained by sun and fire, AC is a cool breeze, toilet is small hole dug in ground, and ipod is sounds made from mouth.

On a more brillant note! Drew designed the Challenge coin for Coast Guard Health Service. Check it out and tell us what you think! It is good for his ego.

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