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Update. Abigail Wine Bar.

8 May

Open for friends and family only tonight, I stopped by the new wine bar on Classon Ave. I met Jason, one of the owners (and his mother) and explained how thankful I was for a place like his to go to in the neighborhood. So nice! The place has a huge center low-tabled bar that is very open and friendly. Candlelight, and dark wooded tables, exposed bricks walls. Open till midnight, and serving all three meals. This girl is excited.


A friend of mine works there! Last week, I stopped by to eat and chat a bit with one of my favorite people. I had the goat-cheese-stuffed South African Pepper, Pappadew, and it was delicious. Also, they have nice bread, great lighting, and great music. The owner is always available for a conversation or two, and it is so relaxed I probably stayed there two hours. Great time.

For Canon owners.

8 May

I won’t bore you with the repetition of paraphrasing this article, but go to Lifehacker at this link and read up about how to expand the capability of your simple point-and-shoot camera. A little more info:

“With the help of a free, open source project called CHDK, you can get features like RAW shooting mode, live RGB histograms, motion-detection, time-lapse, and even games on your existing camera.”

Not Brooklyn, please.

8 May

The Brooklyn Paper claims that Microsoft is eyeing the Williamsburgh Savings Bank (One Hanson Place) as the first location of a large flagship store. Apparently Apple has eyed this unique space as well, which cannot be altered due to its landmark status. 

With its 33,000 square foot space, two-story windows, 55-foot-ceilings and Gilded-Age interior, it is definitely a rare atmosphere for shopping. That is a lot of space for just selling shit, don’t you think?

Waterfalls, in NYC?

8 May

nyc waterfallsSo, apparently, as a plot to gain even more revenue from tourism, New York City will have waterfalls along the East River.

From Press Release, “The New York City Waterfalls, a major new work of public art by internationally acclaimed artist Olafur Eliasson, will be on view in New York’s East River from late June through mid-October 2008. Commissioned by Public Art Fund, the project consists of four monumental, man-made waterfalls temporarily installed at sites along the waterfront in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Governors Island.” Here is their site

Personally, I think adding a gorgeous flow of water anywhere around the beloved bridge sounds like something I would enjoy viewing everyday on the commute home.  

(thanks to Katie for the lead) 

Happy Birthday Blummer!

8 May


It is my good friend Erica’s birthday today, and we got her a cake. Of course, me needing to be cute, I had them put Happy Birthday in Hebrew, and bought her a tiara.

Happy Birthday, princess!