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I am officially old.

16 May

I am now the not-so-proud owner of both distance and reading glasses. Yes, I have to carry around two pairs of glasses with me at all times, depending on the distance in which I will need to read things. Wow….hand me my cane, will ya junior? At least my reading glasses don’t have rhinestones or neck chords.

I will however, in good faith, donate my uncool frames from days of old to my vision place. They will happily donate them to an organization who fits them for people who can’t afford glasses. Let me know if any of you would like to do the same, and I will pass them on, gladly.

Steve and Barry’s

16 May

Went to Steve and Barry’s yesterday hoping to see some changes. Steve and Barry’s is this inexpensive retail clothing shop where nothing costs over $10. They apparently exist in Jersey and Long Island but I hadn’t heard of it. Dave and I went for the opening in Manhattan a couple weekends ago and it looked like Old Navy had one to many, and threw up.

After going again this week, there has been massive improvements to the shop. The layout is completely different, more open and circular than one long aisle with clothing in alcoves the way Old Navy does it. The bottoms (skirts, pants) still have that cheap feel to it, where it clings in all the wrong places, and is too loose in others. But the tops were totally decent. I bought 4 tops of monochromatic, classic style. Some had graphic flourishes to it or big classic stripes but they weren’t overstated or cheesy; totally wearable. The total came to $35. You can’t beat that!

Also of note: most of the adult women’s selections were designed by Sarah Jessica Parker, her new Bitten collection. A nod to the semi-successful trend of celebrity designers, only she was smart and went low-end. I feel that appeals to the mass consumer. People who have decent money to spend are going to go for the real designer; I would.

The Steve and Barry’s in Manhattan is located in Herald Square at the Manhattan Mall Monstrosity, currently undergoing massive reconstruction. Well, I guess you never know when you are in need of a Gap or Charlotte Russe.

I feel…

16 May

Check out this site to see an amazing interactive website designer to pull the way people are “feeling” according to blogs across the country. Demographics can often be discerned as well. Amazing to watch and experience. Thanks to Katie for the lead.

For the enjoyment of 30 year old women everywhere.

16 May

New Kids on the Block– the comeback (sort of).