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Take a Break, watch this.

19 May

Oh my talented friend Jordan steps it up again. This made my day, nice work dude.


She should quit acting, and go into intelligence.

19 May

I am assuming this woman, Amy Walker, is an actress. Why else would she need the ability to use 21 different accents? Here she is introducing herself 21 different ways–and very convincingly. I read that she is actually from Seattle, a nod to how believable her performance is. When she introduces herself from Seattle, you might notice how natural it sounds.


19 May

The beloved tapper, Jimmy Slyde, passed away on Friday, May 16, 2008.

Pictures from The Dr. Jimmy Slyde Tap Experience can be found at under the past workshops section (workshop #7).

The New York Times obituary.

He was a great artist, and I am sad he is no longer here.


I cannot wait.

19 May

The anticipation for the release of the new Indiana Jones flick is killing me! This was a huge huge movie from my childhood and I cannot explain the thrill of getting to relive an Indi-adventure yet again. I think Harrison Ford still looks passable, and this Thursday I will definitely be checking out the new film. (I am dying to hear that signature dynamic punch sound effect) If you go to the official website you can follow a link to pre-order tickets for Thursday, or probably even Wednesday night, for a late opening.

I just wish I could see it with my Dad and brother, because those are THE PEOPLE to enjoy it with, a continuation of many nights in our house in Maryland blasting (to my Mother’s dismay) the opening scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark, complete with the famous score. Actually, I just might do that, seeing as Dave and I are going to Florida this weekend. Bravo!

The Jig is Up.

19 May

Ok, so the big surprise Saturday was Dave’s birthday party. He had a blast! I will get my hands on some photos soon. But picture this; BBQing, drinking, Wii’ing, Dave-hugging, good times! Complete with custom Thundercats cake and TV slideshow of Dave pictures both new and very, very old. 

It really was a fantastic time, and he was all smiles. Even got his old college roommate to drive over from Westchester with his Fiance, that was the coolest surprise of all for him.