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This is beautiful.

23 May

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So much Ego, i love it!

23 May

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This guy is the most egotistical, arrogant, cocky, Italian dancer I have ever seen. I find it so damn entertaining I couldn’t help but share. Dare you not to crack up at this shit. But I can’t deny, he has a beautiful Ken-doll body. Wow.

Cutie Patotie.

23 May

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This girl is very accessible to me. She reminds me of the way I love to dance, (when I am in shape). I root for her because I think she looks very realistic and I see major potential to improve as an artist when she gets the opportunity with the incredible choreographers on SYTYCD.

She also is a part of this adorable online TV show where she teaches beginner dancers to move. Follow this link to see.

My Other Favorite Audition from SYTYCD Season 4.

23 May

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This guy has incredible lines and contrast within his choreography. A tension that is pleasing to watch, and a smoothness of movement that I think is lovely. He seems like a very calm, genuine soul. I hope to see more of him.

The sickness that is Robert Muraine.

23 May

Ikea Commericial

Making Of…

Some DJing

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His Performance on Ellen:

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You can get to his official myspace page here, he has already got a million new myspace fans. Oh lord. His YouTube page here, and his website here.

UPDATE: Due to the overwhelming demand of this dancer, I am posting some older videos here:

OMG He glowsticks like old school. And even though its outdated, and tacky, he still does it well! And you have to remember that every influence on your body can form your own unique style, this had to help him somehow.