Tribute to Harvey Korman. RIP.

30 May

One Response to “Tribute to Harvey Korman. RIP.”

  1. Del "Abe" Jones May 31, 2008 at 7:37 am #

    FEBRUARY 15, 1927 – MAY 29, 2008

    From “The Flintstones” to “Tom and Jerry”
    To a loved, and well known comedy Star
    Now, all we have are those memories
    As Harvey looks down, from afar.

    Millions watched his long career
    With laughter’s tears, filling their eyes
    Now, many more tears fall, in sorrow
    At our loss, the whole World cries.

    Del “Abe” Jones

    “Mankind’s greatest accomplishment is not the revolution of technology it is the evolution of creativity “

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