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27 Jun

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Chelsea & Mark- nice Hip-Hop/lyrical.

27 Jun

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Kherington & Twitch- totally dug this.

27 Jun

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Timo Nunez- Too much beauty for those pants!

27 Jun

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Twitch & Kherington – Viennese Waltz.

27 Jun

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Suzie & Marquis- Salsa.

27 Jun

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My favorite couple. Katie & Joshua- Broadway.

24 Jun

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Gev & Courtney- Contemporary.

24 Jun

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What do you think of this?

20 Jun

BEST FRIEND AGAIN project. I don’t know what to think of it. It is fascinating science, but very disturbing at the same time. Click here to read about auction to clone your dog.

Click here to watch the video about the company.

Chelsea & Mark: Spicy Tango!

19 Jun

I totally bought this, and loved it. The music is a great choice, Mark danced masculine and sexy, and Chelsea used those legs and body language to her advantage.

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