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Life happens, and it’s gorgeous with a smile.

13 Jun

One thing I have noticed that I love about New York is the surprising goodness I find in people. I get such a boost giving up my seat on the subway, laughing with a stranger, smiling at a family in the park. I cherish that my life centers around the possibility to interact with so many other lives. It keeps my idealistic head full of the goodness in people, and the fortunate circumstances that make up my little-big existence. I am so grateful for everything I have, and the vision to see happiness, joy, love, and passion, every single day..

Ikea Campaign hits Grand Army Plaza.

13 Jun

I am fortunate enough to live five minutes from Prospect Park. And on a gorgeous day like this, I decided to ride my bike around the park before sunset. As I was entering near Grand Army Plaza, I noticed an oversized structure resembling a cardboard box in front of the Brooklyn Library.

Turns out, its Ikea’s campaign for the new Brooklyn (Red Hook) location opening June 18. The box has the notated “Home is the most important place in the world.” and the Ikea logo. The headline of the box reads “Unpack June 18th.” I snapped a few photos to show you the outside and inside, because inside lies a fully furnished apartment including shelves, tables, bed, and other misc. furniture. (Make sure to click on the picture again to see it larger)

They even let you walk around and check it out, including price tags on every item. I like this approach, and look forward to seeing the store in reality next week!

Some funny What’s My Line: an old show.

13 Jun

Mr. Dali- a master of everything!

funny Groucho Marx: