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Here, I will make your good deed today easy. Sign this petition.

29 Aug

Tell Wal-Mart to Live Up to Its Clean Power Promise

The tallest phallic symbol I have ever seen.

22 Aug

The United Arab Emirates have created the tallest building that exists in the world today. (It is a 1/2 mile tall!) The Burj Dubai looks to reach about 150 floors, and towers above the previous title holder, the Taipei 101 in Taiwan.

What could possibly posses a person to spend that much time traveling vertically to get to his bed/office/club. I can picture myself vomiting about the 85 floor.



Been Awhile Part Duece.

21 Aug

Again, I know it has been awhile since I blogged about much of anything besides a poppy dance show. Ha. Well now that is over, so I will have to think of interesting things to share with you.

Lets start by bowing down to the glorious New York weather. What? August? 80 degrees? Breezy? Amazing. 

I hope you, my fellow New Yorkers, are out enjoying every drop of it. 

Here is a website that I have enjoyed numerous times since its birth. It is called MuxTape. Really cool site where you can upload a digital “mix tape” of sorts of your favorite music. And you get your own URL to share it as you wish. My URL was Going to the site now you will see an interesting post about the RIAA. It seems that all my favorite websites that share music in new ways is going under. 😦

Hint: Enjoy the iPhone Pandora App and website as long as you can!

RedLasso is down too, RIP.

Eventually all this media will have to be available free/mostly free at some point (hello, unsigned bands everywhere can reach millions with their digital music and bypass corps and radio hell), ill just sit with my legs and arms crossed patiently and wait for them to give. Well, sort of patient.

Impersonating Japanese Art.

21 Aug

Some good work from Scholz & Friends, Stockholm.


8 Aug

Joshua & Twitch Ukrainian Dance.

8 Aug

Mary Murphy & Dimitri- look at those legs.

8 Aug

Repeat Performances. Judges Picks.

8 Aug

Five Guys named Moe.

8 Aug

Debbie Allen Dance Academy with Nigel

8 Aug