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RIP Astroland.

8 Sep

I so loved your greasy food, $.25 bathrooms, and cheap stuffed animal prizes. You were forever a place I could take irreplaceable photos of beach freaks and circus textures. But most of all, your ambience was completely unique and special, and I love my black and white photo booth pictures. I will miss you Astroland, yet one consolation is the ferris wheel and coaster is city-owned and will remain…adieu.



Turbo Gene Test- Gorgeous site.

8 Sep

Click here to check out the Turbo Gene Test, from agency Lowe Brindfors and Saab. 

Gorgeous site, sound, and movement, and creativity. Take the test, and see where you end up.

BAN dihydrogen monoxide. lol

8 Sep

Britney Spears- for better or worse.

8 Sep

damn already took it down! Copyright mob catches ’em fast.

also click here to hear the mic feed at a Britney Spears concert. Ouch! —

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