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Let the world decide who is at fault.

9 Sep

“Fighting with your significant other? Who’s right and who’s wrong? Air it out anonymously while letting people of the world give you advice and make the decision on who should apologize.”

New iPod Nano, elegant.

9 Sep

Apple does it again with subtle changes that make music-listening even more enjoyable. Shake-to-shuffle, accelerometer, Genius (Pandora-like usability), gorgeous colors, cheap price, I want it baby!

Furniture for my candy-coated dreams.

9 Sep

“Jellio is about combining childhood fun with interior design. It’s placing a few memories in your home, in a very unique way. Jellio home furnishings are a reflection of your sense of humor, and a great way to keep your memories close all throughout the day.

Bottom line…we make things that make you smile!”

This Brooklyn-based company cooks up some fun pieces that bring back memories of playtime and pre-school.

Creepy Advertising.

9 Sep

Thank you to for these images.

The text on this reads “Thorazine can control the agitated, belligerent senile and help the patient to live a composed and useful life.”

anyone else HATING the copy in this ad?

Yes, lets sedate our children and all will be better!

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