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Brilliant British Hovis bread ad.

24 Sep


“Fittingly, the 2008 advertisement features a new delivery boy and route — one that winds through time as well as space. Directed by a rising star named Ringan Ledwidge,the commercial kicks off in 1886, and takes 122 seconds (an eternity in advertising terms) to move through every ensuing decade. We see women’s-rights prostesters, world wars, and a coronation, as well as striking miners, mods and rockers, and the millennial celebration. Filmed in Liverpool over the course of six days, with a cast of 762 extras, the ad packs more of a punch than most two-hour movies can muster.”

What if the world could vote for our next president.

24 Sep

The Economist poses this important question with a survey election, letting the world decide who they would vote for. Roll your mouse over each country to see its preference.

This is a decision that will impact the world, so click here to see how the world stands.

Here is another site that is taking a world wide vote, but with much higher volume.