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Ugly Betty shot taking over 28th St.

26 Sep

So, in the show Ugly Betty, which premiered last night, Miss B gets an unrealistically big dumpy apartment in the Flower District on 28th Street. Just so happens the place is adjacent to my work building. So I get to walk through amazing catered food, bored-looking PAs, and miscellaneous obstacles that litter 28th street during shooting.

1964 Who’s Who of Ankara Citadel!

26 Sep

Ill give you a hint, my Momma’s in there! Can you pick her out of the lineup? What a fox!

The new Google Phone

26 Sep

The New T-Mobile G1 with Google cell phone.

One touch Google access, a hidden full QWERTY keyboard, some neat touch-based moves, and a 3 mega-pixel camera. With all the amazing Google centered features, this phone might have a few tricks up its sleeve. But certainly not storage space.

Thanks Sashee.

26 Sep

A fabulous friend of mine has joined the WordPress family. Click here to see it.