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Spotless Minds.

31 Oct

From today’s

In a twist that wouldn’t be out of place in a Charlie Kaufman film, scientists from Georgia and China have announced that they’re now able to erase specificmemories from the mind.

How’d they do it? By overactivating an enzyme in the brains of laboratory mice at the precise moment that memories of especially painful stimuli were recalled, theresearchers were able to delete those memories — just as if they were expunging files from a hard drive. Will human heartbreaks be so easy to erase? There are no current plans to create an actual instant-amnesia pill, but scientists do hope to find treatments for illnesses like PTSD, which revolve around the triggering of memories that patients would sooner forget.

I want this so badly.

30 Oct

I am so excited about shifting this country in a new direction, this speech actually moved me to a tear. One tear in anticipation of real change. Please do you part to make it happen.

Click here.

Apple beat RIM!

27 Oct

Quote from Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Inc.

“Apple beat RIM!” he said. “In our most recent quarter, RIM sold 6.1 million Blackberry devices, compared to our 6.9 iPhones. Apple outsold RIM last quarter, and this is a milestone for us. RIM is a good company that makes good products, and so it is surprising that we could outsell them in any quarter after only 15 months in the market.”

Jobs went on to point out that, purely in terms of revenue (rather than units sold, since the iPhone is more expensive than most cell phones in the market), Apple is “the world’s third-largest mobile-phone supplier,” trailing only Nokia and Samsung. That’s amazing, though it’s important to remember that this quarter’s numbers are fueled in part by the pent-up demand for the iPhone 3G, including its roll-out to 50 countries. “There’s no guarantee that sustained sales will equal initial sales,” Jobs cautioned. “And who knows about the economic slowdown? But the fact is, we beat RIM. Not bad for being in the market only 15 months.”

My new favorite class told through the eyes of Chelsea Handler

23 Oct

A Friendly Reminder.

23 Oct

iPhone Wallpapers. Que Linda!

23 Oct

Here is a couple of my favorite new iPhone wallpapers from Poolga.

23 Oct

This is an amazing site that channels Jacob Riis, “How The Other Half Lives”. It is a compilation of startling photos, sound, and information. The site takes a tour of some of the most destitute places to live in the entire world, and its work should not be ignored. Take a look.

Read the digital version of Jacob Riis “How The Other Half Lives”. complete with photos, here.

Obama Tax Calculator– see how much you would save.

20 Oct

I would save $500 with Obama’s plan, $0 with McCain’s.

Click here to find out how much you would save.

Powell Endorses Obama.

20 Oct

A moving pro-Obama endorsement from General Powell, (former Secretary of State) not to be ignored.

Great for forwarding onto on-the-fence voters, or anyone for that matter. General Powell gives an eloquent, rounded, intelligent, and therefore convincing answer to the question, “Who will you vote for?”

SNL: Sarah Palin

19 Oct

Click on the image to go to and watch Sarah Palin on SNL.