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My favorite new retail shop: Madewell.

13 Oct

I was down in D.C. this weekend and simply window shopping on a lazy Sunday. A friend turned me on to this store, and the second I walked in I was hooked. Fantastic soft fabrics, great demin and tall boots, and simple and interesting monochromatic tops that fit perfectly paired with oversized scarfs. I love this place. The shop is called Madewell, and they have a location on Broadway in SoHo. Check it out.

This song could be used as a form of torture…

13 Oct

simply for its sheer repetition.

Also, to sell her music sex now she doesn’t even bother with clothes. I guess that is the only way to step it up a notch. And is it just me or does she rinse and repeat every concept she has already used? I see “slave for you” and “toxic” all over again.

higher quality on her official site.

Letter from Jim Leach about the GOP.

13 Oct

Dear (______), 

I am proud to have served thirty years as a Republican in Congress. But this past Spring, I came to the conclusion that the party I loved, respected, and supported had lost its moorings. 

The tradition, pragmatism, and inspiration of leaders like Lincoln, Eisenhower, and Reagan have given way to partisan divisiveness. 

Today, our country faces unprecedented problems — an economic downturn as profound as any in living memory, growing instability in global security, and important questions about our energy future. 

More of the same simply doesn’t fit the times, and Republicans as well as Democrats understand that change is needed. 

After decades in Washington — witnessing the processes of government firsthand — I have every confidence that Barack Obama is ready to bring that change. 

Please join me in sharing that message by forwarding this email to your friends and asking them to

Or better yet, reach out to your entire community by writing a letter to the editor of your local paper. 

We’ll provide a list of local papers and some important background on the issues to help you get started. We’ll even send the letters to the papers for you. 

As Barack often says, this is a defining moment. Good citizens may disagree on issues and approaches to problem solving, but rarely have we had a greater need to pull together and seek unity in the face of division. 

Barack has a broad, inclusive vision for the future of America. He is forward-looking in his proposals on alternative energy and education, and grounded in an approach to decision making that transcends party. 

He has chosen foreign policy and economic advisers of the highest caliber. People like Retired General Anthony Zinni, former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker, and President Clinton’s Secretary of the Treasury Bob Rubin are all first-class professionals. 

And he has shown his ability to withstand challenge. I often tell my students at Princeton to choose a candidate who most reflects what Lincoln termed “the better angels of our nature.” Senator Obama has more reason than any Presidential candidate I have observed to lash out with anger. Yet he responds to irresponsible Swift Boat-style attacks with calm and steady leadership. 

Barack Obama has inspired millions who want a new approach to politics and civic life — Democrats and Republicans alike. 

Please join me in welcoming everyone to this movement for change. Forward this message to your friends, or use the link below to write a letter to the editor in your local paper: 

Thank you for making your voice heard. 



Former Representative Jim Leach
Iowa’s 2nd District, 1977 – 2007 

P.S. — I gave a speech laying out some of the reasons so many traditional Republicans and independents support Senator Obama at the Democratic National Convention. You can watch it here: