Apple beat RIM!

27 Oct

Quote from Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Inc.

“Apple beat RIM!” he said. “In our most recent quarter, RIM sold 6.1 million Blackberry devices, compared to our 6.9 iPhones. Apple outsold RIM last quarter, and this is a milestone for us. RIM is a good company that makes good products, and so it is surprising that we could outsell them in any quarter after only 15 months in the market.”

Jobs went on to point out that, purely in terms of revenue (rather than units sold, since the iPhone is more expensive than most cell phones in the market), Apple is “the world’s third-largest mobile-phone supplier,” trailing only Nokia and Samsung. That’s amazing, though it’s important to remember that this quarter’s numbers are fueled in part by the pent-up demand for the iPhone 3G, including its roll-out to 50 countries. “There’s no guarantee that sustained sales will equal initial sales,” Jobs cautioned. “And who knows about the economic slowdown? But the fact is, we beat RIM. Not bad for being in the market only 15 months.”

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