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Total strangers can touch, too.

26 Nov

From Very Short List

Richard Renaldi spent the year asking total strangers to touch. Then he took their photos.



I think the result is pretty interesting, and certainly made me pause for a couple moments between work projects. 

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Great new tech blog.

26 Nov

Mappleblog1y friend has redesigned his new blog, and it is definitely worth checking out. One of the few people who I know to out-nerd me on a daily basis, his blog is filled with brilliant visuals and “how-to’s” on everything Apple-related.

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YouTube goes widescreen.

25 Nov

As of today. Yay.

So, women are dirtier…

25 Nov

from Very Short List

The very first study to use “metagenomics” to analyze the hand’s microbial community has revealed that run-of-the-mill skin-culture tests have dramatically undercounted the germs we carry: On average, our hands host 150 species of bacteria — three times as many as inhabit the forearm, and far more than live in the mouth, the esophagus, or even the lower intestine.

One of the study’s many surprises was the discovery that women harbor 40 percent more bacterial species than men do — according to researcher Noah Fierer, that’s because men’s skin is more acidic. But when he was asked if men should worry about holding hands with their girlfriends, Fierer’s lab partner, Rob Knight, gave the correct answer. “I guess it depends on which girl,” he said.

Apparently, I am a man.

24 Nov

genderAccording to this new site called GenderAnalyzer, which analyzes blogs to determine the gender of the author, I am 65% certainly male. NOT.

This cain’t be real.

21 Nov

Who needs a dance partner?

19 Nov

Moms everywhere hate Motrin.

17 Nov

I landed on Motrin’s website and saw the following message:


Apparently Mom’s everywhere I are really pissed about the “insulting” ad they ran:

See them retaliate with ten minutes of negative comments here:

Personally I thought the ad was cute, playing on the idea that carrying children all day can strain your joints/muscles. At the same time, it made a parallel that carrying/coddling your children is a fashion statement. Bad move. Many mothers who CHOOSE to carry their children hate this ad. Well, to each his own. Sorry, Motrin! More demographic research next time!

60 Minutes Interview with Obama.

17 Nov

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Don’t do this at home.

13 Nov