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The Gap has nothin’ on individuality.

13 Nov


Photographer Ari Versluis and stylist Ellie Uyttenbroek made the observation that in an attempt to dress as an individual, the general population of the city’s youth ended up dressing exactly the same. This site is dedicated to proving this astute observation by photographing individuals and grouping them visually on the site for comparison. See for yourself.


12 Nov

50 Strange Buildings of the World.

12 Nov

The Crooked House (Sopot, Poland)

Image via: brocha

The Basket Building (Ohio, United States) 

Image via: addicted Eyes

Kansas City Public Library (Missouri, United States)

Image via: jonathan_moreau

Wonderworks (Florida, United States)


Nick Vujicic is awesome.

11 Nov

Crazy Leaders.

11 Nov

Palin didn’t know Africa was a continent. (Fox News)

7 Nov

Animal photos that will catch your eye.

6 Nov

From BBC.

This “Sulawesi black-crested macaque” doesn’t even look real to me. Thoughts?



Colbert and Stewart, together like lovers.

5 Nov

click here to watch FULL EPISODE.


New York Times

5 Nov

For my friend Abbey, sorry lady, this is the best I can do. 🙂


Joe the Plumber.

5 Nov