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Finally — Netflix on the Mac.

29 Dec


A brilliant barter system.

29 Dec

You can buy discounted gift cards to your favorite places, or get rid of gift cards you don’t want to/can’t use and get a large percentage of that money via PayPal or trade. Awesome.

note from site: Free Shipping & No Sales Tax!

Huge bug in my Guy & Gallard coffee!

29 Dec

I ordered a large black iced coffee on 7th Ave at the Chelsea Guy & Gallard (29th and 7th) this morning and when I had sippped to the bottom I noticed a blop of something in the ice. When I looked closer, I realized it was the back half of a freaking bug! It looks like a beetle or roach, as I can’t tell since its ripped apart in the middle. I am absolutely, completely, disgusted by this and will be going back to the store to show them the evidence. Anything else you can think of to do? Let me know.



Tar and Feather your boring files.

23 Dec

the_unloaderThis site is a brilliant concoction from Nokia. Check it out, you upload an unwanted file, and choose from the flashy web site what you want to do with it. Then watch the action unfurl. Great stuff. Take note of the elevator music.

Click here to Unload.

Clean coal?

23 Dec

Merry Holidays – Jason Mraz.

23 Dec

Pain is only what you make of it.

19 Dec

From Very Short List

“The next time you stub your toe, take out a telescope and look at your foot through the wrong end: According to researchers at Oxford University, such visual distortions have a powerful effect on how we perceive pain.  

The scientists found that subjects who looked at a wounded hand through the right end of a pair of binoculars felt more pain and experienced increased swelling in that limb. But when the binoculars were flipped around, the suffering and swelling were lessened dramatically. The trick’s no replacement for a healthy supply of painkillers, but the study does demonstrate the extent to which bodily pain is a by-product of what we see.”

The Nutcracker- NYC Ballet.

17 Dec

I highly recommend, especially if you appreciate dance or Christmas in New York, to go see Balanchine’s The Nutcracker performed by the NYC Ballet. I saw it on a weekday evening specifically for its lower ticket price, but was just as dazzled as a five-year-old little girl with ribbons in her hair. Any age would be moved by the familiar Tchaikovsky melodies and the Waltz of the Flowers choreography.

My favorite moments would have to be the famous pas de deux with heartwarming strings, and the Arabian coffee piece with the tickling sound of bells.

A great Holiday present to myself, and I recommend you do the same.

YouTube two minute time-waster.

2 Dec

Barack’s Announcement.

2 Dec