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An actual beauty buy I would recommend.

30 Jan

So, I am not one to spend money on beauty products (although in my younger days I could not say as much). So when I found this very interesting product from Knock Out Cosmetics, the creation of makeup artist Mike Potter, I couldn’t resist giving it a try. It is actually one of the first nail polishes I have seen that boasts a no-shine/gloss effect. It is completely matte, flat, black. And it takes only but a moment to apply, since its effect is best realized through the use of only one coat. And I have to say, it looks and feels p

retty good against my stark-white Apple keyboard.


Take a look at Williamsburger Katie Changs online beauty store, miomia, to purchase the beautifully crafted bottle.

Gotta Love Johnny….

29 Jan

Take a work break…

27 Jan

send your boss or co-worker something obnoxious….

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These Animals Look So Confused.

26 Jan

The Juicing Adventure: Day Two.

21 Jan

I am pretty hungry. Hungry in the way that I fantasize about chicken, bagels, eggs, and whatever else I could get in your mouth given the option. The funny thing about it is I don’t feel like I am starving, like I am deprived of vitamins or nutrients. My energy level is actually great. However, this empty feeling in my stomach is controlling all my thoughts and it is quite distracting.

So for Day Two I am ingesting this blend of green leafy vegetables including Kale and I added ginger, lemon, and green apple to sweeten the taste. The lemon definitely helps but I think the rather large portion of ginger is making this juice entirely too spicy. I also have the Peach Detox tea ready and a bottle of water. Let’s see if I can’t make myself less “hungry”.

The Juicing Adventure: Day One Pt II.

20 Jan

So for my evening juice I am having a combination of carrots, ginger, celery, and green apples. Tastes pretty good. Everything seems lined with that spicy ginger flavor, and this juice is definitely sweeter. I feel a low hum of hunger coming from my stomach, but I feel energized regardless.

The Juicing Adventure: Day One.

20 Jan

My boss, Cari, who is a wonderful treasure box of knowledge of foods and ingredients to infuse your body to become super-duper healthy, is taking me on a fasting adventure. For the next three days, I will be detoxifying my body of all the fast food, coffee and bagels, and miscellaneous dangerous New York City food that has poisoned my body. I am excited, I am nervous, but overall hopeful that this experience will be a positive one, with positive results.

So for Day One, since I have already ingested an egg and sausage breakfast, I will be pre-fasting on a diet of humungous amounts of water, detox tea, and a large juice of beets, kale, ginger, celery and lemon juice. I think my brain is convincing me I am hungry out of the nervous idea of not eating, but the juice tastes and smells absolutely fantastic, and I am instructed to sip it slowly to get used to it. 20 minutes to ingest the entire juice. For the evening, I will be drinking a tea for regularity from Yogi Tea.

I am told that as my body detoxifies I may experience some aches and pains, breakouts, and other weird bodily effects as it attempts to clear itself out. Here I go! Stay tuned for more.

How to watch Obama’s inauguration online.

19 Jan

If you are like me and have to work tomorrow all the day long, you will appreciate this CNN article tipping off all the places to watch a live feed of the inauguration online.


click here.

Strange And Mysterious Sounds From The Earth.

16 Jan

This website, Noise Addicts, contains an interesting library of unique and unknown sounds. The famous sound byte of the Russian drillers who placed a mic into the core of the earth and heard sounds of screaming is definitely worth checking out, if you can handle it! It certainly was extremely disturbing for me.

I took a few moments to listen other sounds, all of which were informative for those who like useless, however interesting, information.

From the site: “If you listen closely, you’ll find that the earth is full of sounds.  Some are things that you hear every day, some are truly remarkable and some sounds hail from origins completely unknown.  What follows here is a list of “sonic mysteries” for your pleasure – many of them include audio.”

An article on says this whole theory of the “hell hole” is false.

The Blizzard of 1888.

16 Jan

From The Tenement Museum

blizzard-of-1888The Great Blizzard of 1888 banished New York’s overhead electric and telegraph lines underground, forever changing the face of the city. 

During the late 19th century, New York’s rapid growth spawned a tangle of electric and telegraph lines above the city’s streets. Between March 11 and 14 1888, a historic blizzard deposited 23 inches of snow on New York City. The towering piles of snow, driving winds and bitter cold shuttered businesses for nearly two weeks and damaged property to the tune of approximately $25 million.

The weight of the snow and ferocity of the winds also snapped the city’s power and telegraph lines, which confounded cleanup efforts. During his inaugural address in 1889, newly elected Mayor Hugh Grant vowed to rectify this situation by burying lines below ground. After battling cost-conscious electric and telegraph companies, Grant finally forced the lines underground in the fall of 1889.