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The SuperPower that Sleeps.

14 Jan

This website is run by a German photographer fascinated with the culture of the Chinese. His photos evoke humor, peace, and insight into the Chinese people at their most vulnerable. Check out his photos.




I love this show, Toni Collette is stellar.

9 Jan

Check out the first episode here.


This woman will never go away. Interview “Media Malpractice”

9 Jan

A Lovely Rewind.

7 Jan

Hines, Briggs, Slyde, Brown, Sims, a classic.

5 Jan

Probably my favorite Gregory Hines jam.

5 Jan

iPhone glove.

5 Jan

I am not sure if this is taking it too far or not, it certainly has its benefits…

1930s daredevil on film. Cool.

5 Jan

Exactly why I don’t like mousetraps.

2 Jan