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Kindle 2.0 | New York City February 9

6 Feb

Mark your calendars, e-book fans: will introduce the next generation of its popular Kindle reader in New York City on Feb. 9.

UPDATE: It has arrived! Previous owners have until February 10 to order with priority. New features include more internal storage, 25% longer battery life, text-to-speech, fixed design flaws for hold-a-bility (for lack of a better word, I make them up), 20% faster page turning, and 16 shades of grey for improved text and images quality. I want one, of course! (and would be happy to sell you my Kindle 1.0)

Keeping up with your virals.

6 Feb

A NYT Parody with Paul Rudd and Jordan Carlos.

5 Feb

Jordan, your part wasn’t long enough! ¬†Great stuff, though.

Stephen Verbally Thrashes Steve Martin.

5 Feb

In a brilliant bit mocking the recent Christian Bale rant, Stephen Colbert takes it all out on the comedic genius of Steve Martin. Hilarious.

watch it.



Mad Men: The Carousel

4 Feb

Great stuff.

Super Bowl Ads.

2 Feb

hulucomI was too preoccupied with the good friends, and the black bean dip to pay attention to this years SB Ads. So here is a link to view whichever you missed, or want to see again. Personally, there are only a select few that I would actually waste .30 on. was pretty darn awkward-awesome.