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Did you know.

30 Mar

I feel the overwhelming sense of overcommunicated-ness everyday. This video is a perfect representation of that.

Pharrell sings for his supper. (er..breakfast)

30 Mar

Videos from South America.

25 Mar

Some sights and sounds from my trip to South America (Brazil and Argentina). Enjoy!

An even tinier TinyURL.

25 Mar


This site boasts the shortest URLs on the web. For users of, this site will create an even shorter URL, with cute symbols (of your choice) to boot.

The image in my example is a link to my blog, with a custom URL, a TinyURL, and a .ws.

Create your own.

Buenos Aires

14 Mar

Greetings from Buenos Aires!

So this morning when I arrived I took a big bus, to a minibus that dropped me off right in front of El Firulete, the hostel I am staying at in BA. Cost: 12 american dollars. My first impression was that the cars looked Italian, the young people extremely attractive, the landscapes were green and healthy, and the apartment buildings a bit dingy. Everyone, it seems, uses the clothes hanging lines for drying, from outside their windows to on top of their roofs.

Arrived at my hostel with limited frustration and language barriers.

This is one of the only hostel I have ever seen that provides the following:

Free towels
Free croissants hot out of the oven with honey drizzled on top (yum)
Three cups (so far) of cafe muy delicioso (also free)
Free internet
Only 9 american dollars a night. I am in hostel heaven. This place is adorable; little pool table, those spiral old marble staricases that wrap around the metal elevator (out of order of course) and stucco balcony overlooking Maipu (street).

Two blocks from the theatre district (ave Corrientes) which if this was Nueva York I would NOT be staying in the correlating area. Ha.
We are headed to San Talmo to the market and then to Ricoleta to see the famous cemetary and Eva Peron, and of course the amazing surroundings.

Tomorrow we fly to Brazil!

I cannot believe I am not more tired, as I had an 11 hour flight in a tiny seat, and not much rest, but i am happy, and very excited to be exactly where I am.

Elite Ping Pong in NYC? Ok.

9 Mar

SPIN New York is a 13,000 square foot ping pong social club on Park Avenue in Manhattan’s Flatiron District. The club offers unparalleled table tennis courts, including Olympic quality cushioned flooring, 16 individual tables, and a stadium-like center court. In addition, SPIN New York houses a pro shop, lounge, bar, private room sponsored by Fred Perry and over a dozen internationally known professional coaches and players who are available for private and group instruction.”

Ya Like Dags?

9 Mar

Thru-You. Amazing stuff.

6 Mar

This artist who calls himself “Kutiman”, mixes separate YouTube videos of musicians to create a whole new kind of sound, collaborations from the individual into collective pieces that reaches a new, undiscovered place. I like it. No…love it.

Check out my favorite here:

another couple I enjoyed:

I could seriously list every single song on his “album”, but I think you get my point. 🙂

his channel: here.

about Thru-You:

Kindle App now available for iPhone.

4 Mar

For those of us who own a Kindle, and don’t think it’s enough, tada, the Kindle iPhone App. Now you can sync your content between devices, and never ever lose touch with your reading materials. It doesn’t seem to have a dictionary or search function, so the program would seem like a lite version of the Kindle, but great for users of the iPhone who want to experience Amazon’s fantastic service. The App is free.kindle2oniphone

I can’t believe I haven’t seen this before.

3 Mar