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USPDF 2009 Championship Highlights

30 Apr

These girls are absolutely ridiculous. If I hadn’t been in South America at the time, I would have gone to see this first hand, no doubt.

Journalists finally catching on, painfully slow.

The benefits of satin.

30 Apr

I use a beautiful set of golden satin sheets when I sleep, and in my daily e-news from Vital Juice, I was just informed that it might have an anti-aging effect. Fantastic!

“Most skin experts do agree that a satin pillowcase will help fight wrinkles. Because skin glides smoothly over the fabric, you end up with less creasing while you catch Z’s.”

A Block That Looks as It Did About 1930

29 Apr

I am absolutely obsessed with this blog: I cannot seem to stop reading it. Written by a film location scout, he scours the city finding obscure architecture, Manhattan oddities, and seriously makes me want to get out on foot for days and look up.

When I was about on page 6 of his posts, I ran into an article about a street in Manhattan that still resembles its 1930s decade of life. Following that link to, I came upon a nice article. Check it out…..or maybe get out and finally see it as more than a street to get you where you’re going.

WEST 46TH STREET between Fifth Avenue and the Avenue of the Americas.

BBQ and Foot Massage

22 Apr

thanks to Julian for this jewel.

NFL Fantasy Football – “Pick Me” Video. H.O.T.

21 Apr


16 Apr

They say it takes just five pounds of pressure to take off an ear. This guy proves otherwise!!

If you have ever seen Lord of the Dance….

16 Apr

this is a brilliant impersonation of Michael Flatly.

Dance Therapy.

11 Apr

(Kate Jablonski’s formations, sheer imagination, and bravery in movement is amazing for a 22 year old)

(Is her stuff not so interesting to watch? Little surprises, everywhere.)

A Creative’s Evolution. Ha.

9 Apr


Todd Barry is funny.

9 Apr