I saw Death today. (sike)…but look anyway.

6 May

death_tallguyFriends, Romans, Countryman,


Today, on the Q, I was minding my own business….rockin’ out to some decent tunes…and I looked up to see Death on the train. 


Hooded mountainous figure…black cloak…head inclined downward to hide face (or lackthereof). Uh oh. I’m in trouble.


Then I realized … hark … it was a man! An extremely tall man, at least 2 feet taller than everyone else on the subway, head literally bent to avoid touching the ceiling. You can see in the first photo how freakin’ tall he is by comparison. His shoe was bigger than a golden retriever. So of course, I did an incredible rude thing and snapped a picture (whooooops). Couldn’t help it! Sorry my headphones got in the way. 


Please, enjoy! I think for anti-scare factor he should consider a happier color…yellow perhaps?

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