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Burning since 1971!

10 Jun

Darvaz, Turkmenistan. Gas Crater, “Door To Hell”

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Genre: Fairy-Tale-Disney-Hop: “Alohamora” and “Expialidocious”

10 Jun

Great electronic MP3’s with genius sound bytes¬†

Download Pogo’s MP3’s and full albums here:¬†

Stopping Faster, Fatter, Bigger, Cheaper Food.

10 Jun

Vaudville Acrobatic Dancing: Sylvia Manon Trio (1937)

7 Jun


Paris Torres steals the ideas of Kaitlyn Conley. BOO!

1 Jun

Can you tell the similarities? Stealing anothers creative vision = epic fail.

SYTYCD Audition of Parris Torres

Competition solo at JUMP VIP Competition-Nationals LA/200o of Kaitlyn Conley