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BBQ and Foot Massage

22 Apr

thanks to Julian for this jewel.

Why can’t my commute be like this? Brilliant viral.

10 Feb

Super Bowl Ads.

2 Feb

hulucomI was too preoccupied with the good friends, and the black bean dip to pay attention to this years SB Ads. So here is a link to view whichever you missed, or want to see again. Personally, there are only a select few that I would actually waste .30 on. was pretty darn awkward-awesome.

A Lovely Rewind.

7 Jan

Tar and Feather your boring files.

23 Dec

the_unloaderThis site is a brilliant concoction from Nokia. Check it out, you upload an unwanted file, and choose from the flashy web site what you want to do with it. Then watch the action unfurl. Great stuff. Take note of the elevator music.

Click here to Unload.

7-Eleven Election.

14 Oct

This is really interesting, 7-eleven is offering two versions of their coffee cups. Both representative of support for McCain or Obama with their respective party colors. By simply choosing one coffee cup or another you are casting a vote that the convenience store actually keeps track off online nationwide and by state. And it seems the past companies results were in line with the past two presidential elections. Definitely food for thought.

Follow the music road.

9 Oct


“The Santa Monica ad agency RPA cut half-inch grooves into a quarter-mile stretch of Avenue K, in the exurban L.A. desert city of Lancaster. The grooves were synched in such a way that driving over them at precisely 55mph caused Rossini’s “William Tell Overture” — a.k.a. the Lone Ranger theme — to echo in the air around you.”

It has since been repaved, but not before some people had some musical fun!

Brilliant British Hovis bread ad.

24 Sep


“Fittingly, the 2008 advertisement features a new delivery boy and route — one that winds through time as well as space. Directed by a rising star named Ringan Ledwidge,the commercial kicks off in 1886, and takes 122 seconds (an eternity in advertising terms) to move through every ensuing decade. We see women’s-rights prostesters, world wars, and a coronation, as well as striking miners, mods and rockers, and the millennial celebration. Filmed in Liverpool over the course of six days, with a cast of 762 extras, the ad packs more of a punch than most two-hour movies can muster.”

Robert Muraine- Ikea.

22 Sep

An ad with some bounce.

19 Sep

This just makes me smile thinking of myself doing the very same thing.