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9th Annual Improv Everywhere No Pants Subway Ride 2010: The Aftermath

11 Jan

Union Square, NYC

Todd Barry is funny.

9 Apr

Ya Like Dags?

9 Mar

This makes me snort-laugh everytime. (The Office)

13 Feb

A NYT Parody with Paul Rudd and Jordan Carlos.

5 Feb

Jordan, your part wasn’t long enough!  Great stuff, though.

Stephen Verbally Thrashes Steve Martin.

5 Feb

In a brilliant bit mocking the recent Christian Bale rant, Stephen Colbert takes it all out on the comedic genius of Steve Martin. Hilarious.

watch it.



Gotta Love Johnny….

29 Jan

YouTube two minute time-waster.

2 Dec

Don’t do this at home.

13 Nov

Crazy Leaders.

11 Nov