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Abigail Cafe and Wine.

5 May

Abigail cafe and wine barMan, how lucky am I? Twice in one week! Yet another new place to go within three blocks of my apartment, usually only surrounded by bodegas of the classiest kind. It is apparently called Abigail Cafe and Wine Bar. Stay tuned to see what develops with this quaint little spot, that looks to be built in a modern style with a satin aluminum exterior.

UPDATE: The original restaurant is located in Greenwich Village, which has been open since 1997. (a long time in New York years) Camaje, 85 MacDougal Street.

Happy Cinco De Mayo.

5 May

I am doing absolutely nothing for the holiday, unless you consider riding your bicycle through Prospect Park shouting “FELIZ CINCO DE MAYO, MUCHACHOS!” something of note–but I must say, I wish it wasn’t on a Monday. Tenga una cerveza para mí, amigos. 

The sky has fallen, and it brought beer.

2 May

Actually, no, but a beer garden plopped itself down into my ‘hood. On Franklin Ave. A place to drink that is actually attractive (with outdoor seating) on the border of Crown Heights. Ha. I seriously thought I was going to have to settle for a six pack next to my open window to get the effect of having a decent place to go in my hood.  Check out their site for more pictures. Anybody want to go with me? Cheers to BK!

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