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The Yes Man.

2 Oct

This movie looks great! Jim Carrey is back in full charm. 🙂

Ugly Betty shot taking over 28th St.

26 Sep

So, in the show Ugly Betty, which premiered last night, Miss B gets an unrealistically big dumpy apartment in the Flower District on 28th Street. Just so happens the place is adjacent to my work building. So I get to walk through amazing catered food, bored-looking PAs, and miscellaneous obstacles that litter 28th street during shooting.

Portraits of a Human Being.

10 Sep


One of my favorite websites to contemplate the complex miracle that is our lives. Films of conversations with numerous named and nameless people by Nic Askew.


Happy Birthday Brooklyn Bridge.

22 May


This weekend the Brooklyn Bridge will celebrate its 125th year of glory. I cannot lie and say I love any other bridge more. When I see it, I feel like I am home, and I think it makes for one of the most beautiful walk/runs that exists anywhere.

And, it looks good from any angle! (ha cheese factor too high, must stop) Ok, so anyway, the point is, the birthday celebration is this weekend, and there are tons of events happening in which the bridge is the guest of honor. If I was going to be in town this weekend I would definitely be partaking in the Brooklyn Bridge Film Series, or the walking tour given by a the official Brooklyn historian. Let me know if any of you go!

She should quit acting, and go into intelligence.

19 May

I am assuming this woman, Amy Walker, is an actress. Why else would she need the ability to use 21 different accents? Here she is introducing herself 21 different ways–and very convincingly. I read that she is actually from Seattle, a nod to how believable her performance is. When she introduces herself from Seattle, you might notice how natural it sounds.

I cannot wait.

19 May

The anticipation for the release of the new Indiana Jones flick is killing me! This was a huge huge movie from my childhood and I cannot explain the thrill of getting to relive an Indi-adventure yet again. I think Harrison Ford still looks passable, and this Thursday I will definitely be checking out the new film. (I am dying to hear that signature dynamic punch sound effect) If you go to the official website you can follow a link to pre-order tickets for Thursday, or probably even Wednesday night, for a late opening.

I just wish I could see it with my Dad and brother, because those are THE PEOPLE to enjoy it with, a continuation of many nights in our house in Maryland blasting (to my Mother’s dismay) the opening scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark, complete with the famous score. Actually, I just might do that, seeing as Dave and I are going to Florida this weekend. Bravo!

Case of the Monday.

5 May

zigisohoThe only reason I don’t have the “mondays” is simply because its f’in gorgeous outside. I am wearing the flip-flop heel, perfect for girls who want the allusion of wearing heels for work, but secretly smiling because its basically a glorified flip-flop. I truly feel that flip-flops are the only pair of shoes needed from about June 1 until September 15. I digress.

This weekend, Dave and I saw Iron Man, and I can honestly recommend it to all genders. Even those who don’t marvel at Marvel, will enjoy the wit and energy of this flick. I personal loved it, and was almost reluctant to see it end. I just have to say that the iron (aluminum) suit effects in the movie are astounding! And Dave squeezed my leg everytime he got to see the R8. Yes, yes darling, it’s a lovely, manly, testostoronic car. Anyway, back to work. 

happy buddha!Oh, and if you happened to be in Union Square  yesterday, you would have seen a birthday celebration! Happy belated birthday to Buddha!