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1 May


If you haven’t heard of it, now is the time to introduce yourself. The show is FUERZABRUTA, one of the best shows that exists right now in New York. Big statement, I know. But I guarantee you have never seen anything like it, and I guarantee you will never forget it either. Check out the site. A video here. And here.

Imagine a combination of psychedelic lighting, huge shiny parachutes flying, acrobatics and aerialists of the most eccentric kind, a dancy club fit with DJ booth, destructive piles of “stuff” falling everywhere, and being under a water tank with gorgeous bodies swirling, slapping, and gliding above you.

Oh, and tickets right now, if you know where to look, are discounted to $40 (usually $70) for select shows. Tell me if your going, hell, I will go with you. I’ll go twice. So fun.