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My vids from FUERZABRUTA.

15 Sep

This one ain’t mine but I loved the energy it captured.

New building on 23rd street.

4 Sep

Does anyone else find this building very narrow? These architects are playing a big game of Jenga if you ask me. Whooooaaa, lets see how tall we can make it before it falls down!


Waterfall, everybody drink!

I need a doorstep now.

6 Jun


“Remember the milkman? Apparently, he’s back. Manhattan Milk delivers fresh, certified organic milk from Pennsylvania Amish farms (or rBST free milk from New York farms) for a nominal fee ($5 with a minimum $15 order) to any address in Manhattan in simple glass bottles.”

Simple go to the website to place your order, and they even pick up empty bottles for reuse. If you want to steer clear of the hormone-induced grocery choices, you might like this organic, and very old school, option.

Thanks to Katie for the lead.

Urban Organic: Home Delivery of Local Produce.

4 Jun

I have to admit, this is a very tempting service. Home delivery of local organic produce and groceries. A nice complement to my delivery from Fresh Direct of the heavy stuff I could never carry home on the train. An explanation from their site:

URBAN ORGANIC, sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? Fresh organic produce, smack in the middle of the city, at an incomparable value. We know it sounds too good to be true – sometimes we find it hard to believe ourselves.

Over the past 10 years, though, we’ve become the country’s largest home delivery service of organic produce and groceries, and we’re still one of the best-kept secrets around.” 

First off, I love the idea of fresh food being delivered, and second you aren’t wasting energy and resources buying product that is shipped from god knows where. I think the perfect order for a single New York would be The Little Box, at $24.99 weekly you get 11-13 items. A typical box might include Carrots, Tomatoes, Mangoes, Grapefruit, Arugula, etc. Happy eating!

Absinthe, in the form of ursine candy.

3 Jun

Tailor in NYC is serving up something special with its espresso these days. When you receive your cafe, the spoon will cradle a cute green gummy bear. Unbeknownst to you, that little scrumptious bear contains 85% absinthe. The newly legalized anise and wormwood concoction that is stirring up NYCers everywhere, now that is available in the US (in modified form).

The absinthe gummy bears are made at Tailor’s in-house candy shop. Unfortunately, it seems the only way to get your dose of this serious stuff is to order the espresso, they won’t sell you just the green fairy (well, bear, rather).

Abigail Cafe and Wine.

5 May

Abigail cafe and wine barMan, how lucky am I? Twice in one week! Yet another new place to go within three blocks of my apartment, usually only surrounded by bodegas of the classiest kind. It is apparently called Abigail Cafe and Wine Bar. Stay tuned to see what develops with this quaint little spot, that looks to be built in a modern style with a satin aluminum exterior.

UPDATE: The original restaurant is located in Greenwich Village, which has been open since 1997. (a long time in New York years) Camaje, 85 MacDougal Street.


1 May


If you haven’t heard of it, now is the time to introduce yourself. The show is FUERZABRUTA, one of the best shows that exists right now in New York. Big statement, I know. But I guarantee you have never seen anything like it, and I guarantee you will never forget it either. Check out the site. A video here. And here.

Imagine a combination of psychedelic lighting, huge shiny parachutes flying, acrobatics and aerialists of the most eccentric kind, a dancy club fit with DJ booth, destructive piles of “stuff” falling everywhere, and being under a water tank with gorgeous bodies swirling, slapping, and gliding above you.

Oh, and tickets right now, if you know where to look, are discounted to $40 (usually $70) for select shows. Tell me if your going, hell, I will go with you. I’ll go twice. So fun. 

Straight up.

1 May

Straight Up with a Twist

So today is the day for my great friend Katie and I to venture to The Players Theater to see Straight Up. We are definitely looking forward to finding out if this show is any good…as of now we are wondering why there is a power-drill mixer on the cover. Hmm, we will keep you posted on that one. Also, tonight is resume night, Ms. Sherman will use her magical powers of the pen to revamp the “Tracee-that-exists-on-paper”. It should be a great night! Can’t wait to see what we come up with. 

Anybody else looking forward to the fact that it is almost Friday? Raise your hand.


30 Apr

Hump DayBusy day folks! I went from producing a Spanish ad for a Latin NYC paper, to rushing around Chelsea trying to find a embroiderer/seamstress to make a custom patch for a pro-Boxer, to depositing my tax return and Vespa Sale money! (jello Trip fund for me!)–and finally on to more elusive plans that I cannot tell you about at this juncture–but know this, it will be great. Definitely defeated the boredom of hump day, and helped release the doldrum memories of yesterday. Now I am on to creating a webpage sample of photos of a sailing trips to be possibly used on a website/collateral for Shearwater Sailing.  

Then I want to go through my cousin Kori’s wedding photos to send them out to the fam. There are some great shots there and most of them contain family members that have not been together for several years.  It was a special time and almost served as a beautiful family reunion. My cousins are spectacular. Oh and can I say that Ashton Gardens is the most gorgeous wedding chapel I ever knew existed? Bravo Kori for the idea, it was transcendent. Harp music, sunlight, trees, flower petals, *tear.

Well-on to jump the B (or Q) home. Does any other New Yorker out there try to beat their commute time everyday? I am always in competition with the fastest commute time home, I can’t help it. It keeps things interesting for sure, I thought it was mostly a guy thing. The best time I have done is 35? Lets shoot for 34 today. Oh, and I’d love a seat, too.