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More time under the sun.

13 Mar

This weekend finally brings us daylight savings time. We jump an hour forward, losing that yummy extra hour of Sunday “kip”, but gaining a much longer day of sunshine, later sunsets (that  I will actually get to see), and time for ourselves.

I love it, it’s probably one of my favorite moments of the year.  A sign that winter is ending, and warmer memories are in store.

Just think of what I would have time to do with now that I have that extra hour or two:

  • Walks over the Brooklyn Bridge as the sun sets over the water.
  • Meet and greets over a pint outside in the fresh air.
  • Strolls on The High Line.
  • Long lazy bike rides – twirling around Prospect’s outer edges, smelling the grass, and feeling the wind on my face.

I just hope that you watch a sunset with me sometime this week, to celebrate its enormous lift!

Music of note:
Broken Sorrow by Nuttin’ But Stringz
Collide (Acoustic Version) by Howie Day
Interstate Love Song (Live House Blend) by Stone Temple Pilots

Life happens, and it’s gorgeous with a smile.

13 Jun

One thing I have noticed that I love about New York is the surprising goodness I find in people. I get such a boost giving up my seat on the subway, laughing with a stranger, smiling at a family in the park. I cherish that my life centers around the possibility to interact with so many other lives. It keeps my idealistic head full of the goodness in people, and the fortunate circumstances that make up my little-big existence. I am so grateful for everything I have, and the vision to see happiness, joy, love, and passion, every single day..

Governor’s Island, in a different world.

11 Jun

This past weekend I went to Governor’s Island for a Jazz Age Picnic. It was out of this world. I took a complimentary ferry ride from Battery Park across to the usually-deserted island. Then found myself in an open campus-like space with free rein to venture anywhere, even to parts that are absolutely cloistered.

I love that there is a place to go in this city and you could be completely alone if you wanted to be. I took a tram-thing around the island and caught some cool sights. An old Theatre, some barracks, and nameless other old but well-maintained buildings. The views are very unique because you are sandwiched between the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Staten Island. It looks like a cross between a college campus and an old Army base.

We went to a large open area where people were picnicking and dancing. Many were dressed up in Jazz Age summer dresses and seersucker suits, doing the Charleston and holding sun umbrellas. The band that played was Michael Aranella and the Dreamland Orchestra. It was beautiful, but way too hot (The high was in the mid 90s)! See the pictures below to get a feel for the atmosphere. They even had a half dozen old automobiles amazingly restored.

Later this summer they are going to continue with some great weekend events, one of which I will surely return to; a performance from the Battery Dance Company (August 16-17). The island is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for its longest season ever. 

Click here to read a brief history of the island. It served a fascinating military purpose for the British and Americans for over 200 years, the Coast Guard being its last inhabitants, before it was turned over the the people of New York in 2003.

Rasta Thomas performs at River to River Festival.

30 May

The Bad Boys of Dance, created by Rasta Thomas will be performing in Battery Park on September 6, 2008 at 7:30pm. Check out the schedule here.

Details: “Co-presented with The Joyce Theater 

BAD BOYS OF DANCE, founded by dance superstar Rasta Thomas, is a stunning cast of male dancers who combine ballet, broadway, ballroom, hip hop, gymnastics, martial arts and more to deliver a highly imaginative and entertaining show.”