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It’s a small world after all.

4 Sep

This weekend as I was introducing my friend Lauren to my favorite parts of New York, we walked through my old neighborhood-my favorite neighborhood in all 5 burroughs-Brooklyn Heights. During the couple hours that we spent there roaming from Pier 1, to the Promenade, and Hot Bagels doing crossword puzzles, I ran into my old super, Danny, and my yoga instructor from the Y. What a small world!

And yes, my favorite property on Love Lane is still beautiful and kickin’. When can I move in?

New building on 23rd street.

4 Sep

Does anyone else find this building very narrow? These architects are playing a big game of Jenga if you ask me. Whooooaaa, lets see how tall we can make it before it falls down!


Waterfall, everybody drink!

Not Brooklyn, please.

8 May

The Brooklyn Paper claims that Microsoft is eyeing the Williamsburgh Savings Bank (One Hanson Place) as the first location of a large flagship store. Apparently Apple has eyed this unique space as well, which cannot be altered due to its landmark status. 

With its 33,000 square foot space, two-story windows, 55-foot-ceilings and Gilded-Age interior, it is definitely a rare atmosphere for shopping. That is a lot of space for just selling shit, don’t you think?