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Strange And Mysterious Sounds From The Earth.

16 Jan

This website, Noise Addicts, contains an interesting library of unique and unknown sounds. The famous sound byte of the Russian drillers who placed a mic into the core of the earth and heard sounds of screaming is definitely worth checking out, if you can handle it! It certainly was extremely disturbing for me.

I took a few moments to listen other sounds, all of which were informative for those who like useless, however interesting, information.

From the site: “If you listen closely, you’ll find that the earth is full of sounds.  Some are things that you hear every day, some are truly remarkable and some sounds hail from origins completely unknown.  What follows here is a list of “sonic mysteries” for your pleasure – many of them include audio.”

An article on says this whole theory of the “hell hole” is false.

Pain is only what you make of it.

19 Dec

From Very Short List

“The next time you stub your toe, take out a telescope and look at your foot through the wrong end: According to researchers at Oxford University, such visual distortions have a powerful effect on how we perceive pain.  

The scientists found that subjects who looked at a wounded hand through the right end of a pair of binoculars felt more pain and experienced increased swelling in that limb. But when the binoculars were flipped around, the suffering and swelling were lessened dramatically. The trick’s no replacement for a healthy supply of painkillers, but the study does demonstrate the extent to which bodily pain is a by-product of what we see.”

So, women are dirtier…

25 Nov

from Very Short List

The very first study to use “metagenomics” to analyze the hand’s microbial community has revealed that run-of-the-mill skin-culture tests have dramatically undercounted the germs we carry: On average, our hands host 150 species of bacteria — three times as many as inhabit the forearm, and far more than live in the mouth, the esophagus, or even the lower intestine.

One of the study’s many surprises was the discovery that women harbor 40 percent more bacterial species than men do — according to researcher Noah Fierer, that’s because men’s skin is more acidic. But when he was asked if men should worry about holding hands with their girlfriends, Fierer’s lab partner, Rob Knight, gave the correct answer. “I guess it depends on which girl,” he said.

Bad dreams are worse in the female mind.

11 Sep

A study has shown that women suffer from scarier, more intense nightmares that leave more of an impression once awake. Psychologists say it is due to our monthly cycle and increased body temperature.

“The findings came from a study of 170 volunteers at the University of the West of England.

When asked to record their most recent dream, 19 per cent of male students reported having a nightmare compared to 30 per cent of women.

The study, due to be published in a journal, also found that women’s dreams were more emotional. 

Dr Parker believes that nightmares help the brain ‘rehearse’ distressing and disturbing events that one is likely to encounter in the future. 

Her work has identified at least three distinct types of nightmare, all of which may allow the brain to rehearse its reaction to a distressing or dangerous situation. 

One involves being chased or hunted. Another involves the loss of a parent, child or partner. The third involves weird and new environments.

Dr Chris Idikowski, director of the Edinburgh Sleep Centre, said there were significant differences in the way men and women dreamed. 

‘Women always remember dreams more than men,’ he told the British Association science festival in Liverpool. 

‘They end up talking more about their mental life than men do so there’s more ability to remember.’ 

Dreaming is part of the normal sleep pattern and happens every night, even for those who insist they don’t dream. 

Sleepers are most likely to remember nightmares and bad dreams if they wake up during them. ”