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Case of the Monday.

5 May

zigisohoThe only reason I don’t have the “mondays” is simply because its f’in gorgeous outside. I am wearing the flip-flop heel, perfect for girls who want the allusion of wearing heels for work, but secretly smiling because its basically a glorified flip-flop. I truly feel that flip-flops are the only pair of shoes needed from about June 1 until September 15. I digress.

This weekend, Dave and I saw Iron Man, and I can honestly recommend it to all genders. Even those who don’t marvel at Marvel, will enjoy the wit and energy of this flick. I personal loved it, and was almost reluctant to see it end. I just have to say that the iron (aluminum) suit effects in the movie are astounding! And Dave squeezed my leg everytime he got to see the R8. Yes, yes darling, it’s a lovely, manly, testostoronic car. Anyway, back to work. 

happy buddha!Oh, and if you happened to be in Union Square  yesterday, you would have seen a birthday celebration! Happy belated birthday to Buddha!