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For my Kindle Lovers…

2 Jul

Amazon is currently selling 3 styles of these BEAUTIFUL Cole Haan cases for 50% off! (Normally a $100 case)

You would think this was simply a high-cost luxury accessory, yet its solid construction is protective against falls on all sides, and its soft suede-interior protects against the Kindle’s casing getting scratched over time.

It is a supple pebble grain, hand-stained leather with a tan plush suede interior (I feel Ron Burgandy would approve) — and the latest generation Kindle 2 locks in there perfectly and securely. I’m in love!

I’m afraid that now my Kindle is better dressed than me.

You can order any of the 3 styles on the top of this page. I highly recommended.

Kindle Accessories Page
Kindle Pebble Grain Leather Case by Cole Hahn

My favorite new retail shop: Madewell.

13 Oct

I was down in D.C. this weekend and simply window shopping on a lazy Sunday. A friend turned me on to this store, and the second I walked in I was hooked. Fantastic soft fabrics, great demin and tall boots, and simple and interesting monochromatic tops that fit perfectly paired with oversized scarfs. I love this place. The shop is called Madewell, and they have a location on Broadway in SoHo. Check it out.

Furniture for my candy-coated dreams.

9 Sep

“Jellio is about combining childhood fun with interior design. It’s placing a few memories in your home, in a very unique way. Jellio home furnishings are a reflection of your sense of humor, and a great way to keep your memories close all throughout the day.

Bottom line…we make things that make you smile!”

This Brooklyn-based company cooks up some fun pieces that bring back memories of playtime and pre-school.

My favorite online secret.

21 May

Ok, so this is not something I usually share with people, but it is such a joy to find things this way I decided not to keep it to myself any longer.

I do a tremendous amount of online shopping, for several reasons. It is cheaper, shipping is usually free, tax is not applied, you can shop around at dozens of stores to price match without getting out of your chair (pricegrabber, anyone?), you can find rare items that normal shopping wouldn’t reveal.

One of my favorite websites to use with online shopping is This is a coupon code website. You know; you are checking out of your online shopping cart, and there is that lovely space for a coupon code, or gift certificate number? Most always, you leave it blank, right? Well, you don’t have to.

This website has thousands and thousands of them, all in one place. You simply go to the website before you “checkout”, and see if that particular site yields any coupon codes. Codes are either submitted officially through that retailer, or unofficially through people like you and me. I have found dollars off, percent off, free shipping, discounted shipping, free gifts, and the list goes on. Today I bought something on Ebay for $10, and found a little code to get $5 dollars off my shipping. That is half my purchase right there! 

Even though you might not always find something, you are bound to get lucky one of these days. I do, over and over again. (Wow, they should hire me)

Steve and Barry’s

16 May

Went to Steve and Barry’s yesterday hoping to see some changes. Steve and Barry’s is this inexpensive retail clothing shop where nothing costs over $10. They apparently exist in Jersey and Long Island but I hadn’t heard of it. Dave and I went for the opening in Manhattan a couple weekends ago and it looked like Old Navy had one to many, and threw up.

After going again this week, there has been massive improvements to the shop. The layout is completely different, more open and circular than one long aisle with clothing in alcoves the way Old Navy does it. The bottoms (skirts, pants) still have that cheap feel to it, where it clings in all the wrong places, and is too loose in others. But the tops were totally decent. I bought 4 tops of monochromatic, classic style. Some had graphic flourishes to it or big classic stripes but they weren’t overstated or cheesy; totally wearable. The total came to $35. You can’t beat that!

Also of note: most of the adult women’s selections were designed by Sarah Jessica Parker, her new Bitten collection. A nod to the semi-successful trend of celebrity designers, only she was smart and went low-end. I feel that appeals to the mass consumer. People who have decent money to spend are going to go for the real designer; I would.

The Steve and Barry’s in Manhattan is located in Herald Square at the Manhattan Mall Monstrosity, currently undergoing massive reconstruction. Well, I guess you never know when you are in need of a Gap or Charlotte Russe.