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My favorite new retail shop: Madewell.

13 Oct

I was down in D.C. this weekend and simply window shopping on a lazy Sunday. A friend turned me on to this store, and the second I walked in I was hooked. Fantastic soft fabrics, great demin and tall boots, and simple and interesting monochromatic tops that fit perfectly paired with oversized scarfs. I love this place. The shop is called Madewell, and they have a location on Broadway in SoHo. Check it out.


3 May

So a handful of tourists dressed up in their out-to-town-semi-finest asked me sweetly where they could get a drink at a fun place ’round here. And my mind says? “Hm…”


I am a 20-something-attractive-fun woman who lives in New York City, I should immediatly pop up with a review the top ten coolest joints in the 4 block radius, and my answer is “hm…” Well anyway…I have now posted this, post, and I’m using it is my own written contract for myself to get my fabulous ass out on the town, and RE-MAKE my answer to that question, “wheres a fun bar ’round here?”