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Free online OCR service!

8 Apr

I mainly am posting this useful tool as a reference for myself later. I can think of many instances when I would have loved to pull text from a scanned doc or image but I didn’t have any OCR handy. This is a free web-service that will detect multiple formats!

Thru-You. Amazing stuff.

6 Mar

This artist who calls himself “Kutiman”, mixes separate YouTube videos of musicians to create a whole new kind of sound, collaborations from the individual into collective pieces that reaches a new, undiscovered place. I like it. No…love it.

Check out my favorite here:

another couple I enjoyed:

I could seriously list every single song on his “album”, but I think you get my point. 🙂

his channel: here.

about Thru-You:

Kindle App now available for iPhone.

4 Mar

For those of us who own a Kindle, and don’t think it’s enough, tada, the Kindle iPhone App. Now you can sync your content between devices, and never ever lose touch with your reading materials. It doesn’t seem to have a dictionary or search function, so the program would seem like a lite version of the Kindle, but great for users of the iPhone who want to experience Amazon’s fantastic service. The App is free.kindle2oniphone

Free Photoshop Course.

26 Feb


The guys at Creative Techs are having a multi-week Photoshop webinar for 1,000 participants starting at 2pm today. I am enrolled and about to start the first course on tool shortcuts, and interface. For more information, on this class and others, visit Creative Techs Tips Blog.

or just register now:

Free Online Image Editing- and it’s good.

20 Feb

Sumo Paint is a new (at least for me) online image editing tool that looks a feels a lot like Photoshop. If you never have a need to use it (i.e. you already have CS4) I would still give this a look, it’s pretty impressive for a web tool. Brushes, layers, filters, wand tools, cropping, its all there.


A Great Kindle 1.0 vs. 2.0 Review.

11 Feb

Click here to go to Engadget.

Kindle 2.0 | New York City February 9

6 Feb

Mark your calendars, e-book fans: will introduce the next generation of its popular Kindle reader in New York City on Feb. 9.

UPDATE: It has arrived! Previous owners have until February 10 to order with priority. New features include more internal storage, 25% longer battery life, text-to-speech, fixed design flaws for hold-a-bility (for lack of a better word, I make them up), 20% faster page turning, and 16 shades of grey for improved text and images quality. I want one, of course! (and would be happy to sell you my Kindle 1.0)

Strange And Mysterious Sounds From The Earth.

16 Jan

This website, Noise Addicts, contains an interesting library of unique and unknown sounds. The famous sound byte of the Russian drillers who placed a mic into the core of the earth and heard sounds of screaming is definitely worth checking out, if you can handle it! It certainly was extremely disturbing for me.

I took a few moments to listen other sounds, all of which were informative for those who like useless, however interesting, information.

From the site: “If you listen closely, you’ll find that the earth is full of sounds.  Some are things that you hear every day, some are truly remarkable and some sounds hail from origins completely unknown.  What follows here is a list of “sonic mysteries” for your pleasure – many of them include audio.”

An article on says this whole theory of the “hell hole” is false.

Great new tech blog.

26 Nov

Mappleblog1y friend has redesigned his new blog, and it is definitely worth checking out. One of the few people who I know to out-nerd me on a daily basis, his blog is filled with brilliant visuals and “how-to’s” on everything Apple-related.

Click on image to check it out.

The new Google Phone

26 Sep

The New T-Mobile G1 with Google cell phone.

One touch Google access, a hidden full QWERTY keyboard, some neat touch-based moves, and a 3 mega-pixel camera. With all the amazing Google centered features, this phone might have a few tricks up its sleeve. But certainly not storage space.