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Paris Torres steals the ideas of Kaitlyn Conley. BOO!

1 Jun

Can you tell the similarities? Stealing anothers creative vision = epic fail.

SYTYCD Audition of Parris Torres

Competition solo at JUMP VIP Competition-Nationals LA/200o of Kaitlyn Conley

This makes me snort-laugh everytime. (The Office)

13 Feb

Bizarro Joaquin on Letterman.

12 Feb

Stephen Verbally Thrashes Steve Martin.

5 Feb

In a brilliant bit mocking the recent Christian Bale rant, Stephen Colbert takes it all out on the comedic genius of Steve Martin. Hilarious.

watch it.



Mad Men: The Carousel

4 Feb

Great stuff.

Gotta Love Johnny….

29 Jan

How to watch Obama’s inauguration online.

19 Jan

If you are like me and have to work tomorrow all the day long, you will appreciate this CNN article tipping off all the places to watch a live feed of the inauguration online.


click here.

I love this show, Toni Collette is stellar.

9 Jan

Check out the first episode here.


Jim Carrey – Environmental Guy.

2 Oct

This Thursday, October 2, mark your calender.

29 Sep

9PM Eastern time, ABC, CBS, whatever, educate yourself and watch the VP Debate.  Please.