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Great Philip Chbeeb clip.

9 Jul

More dorky font fun. (video)

7 Jul


Burning since 1971!

10 Jun

Darvaz, Turkmenistan. Gas Crater, “Door To Hell”

More Info Here

Genre: Fairy-Tale-Disney-Hop: “Alohamora” and “Expialidocious”

10 Jun

Great electronic MP3’s with genius sound bytes 

Download Pogo’s MP3’s and full albums here:

Stopping Faster, Fatter, Bigger, Cheaper Food.

10 Jun

Vaudville Acrobatic Dancing: Sylvia Manon Trio (1937)

7 Jun


Online Tour of Brazil- Amazing!

19 May


Amazing interactive tour of Rio courtesy of Russia. Simply brilliant. (use your command and shift keys to zoom!)


triptrop NYC

15 May

Thanks to Julian for this.

As an avid user of HopStop, I found this related site extremely useful! Simply input in your current address and get a colorful map showing approximate distances by train, etc from where you are!


Great for finding how far different areas of the city are actually to get to. (i.e. us Brooklyn kids can dispel the myth that we are located in a different country to many Manhattanites.)

Anyone else sick of the gloom?

7 May

gloomyThis is basically the view every single day for a week straight that New York has had to offer. My skin is craving Vitamin D…. STAT!

I saw Death today. (sike)…but look anyway.

6 May

death_tallguyFriends, Romans, Countryman,


Today, on the Q, I was minding my own business….rockin’ out to some decent tunes…and I looked up to see Death on the train. 


Hooded mountainous figure…black cloak…head inclined downward to hide face (or lackthereof). Uh oh. I’m in trouble.


Then I realized … hark … it was a man! An extremely tall man, at least 2 feet taller than everyone else on the subway, head literally bent to avoid touching the ceiling. You can see in the first photo how freakin’ tall he is by comparison. His shoe was bigger than a golden retriever. So of course, I did an incredible rude thing and snapped a picture (whooooops). Couldn’t help it! Sorry my headphones got in the way. 


Please, enjoy! I think for anti-scare factor he should consider a happier color…yellow perhaps?