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30 Apr

Hump DayBusy day folks! I went from producing a Spanish ad for a Latin NYC paper, to rushing around Chelsea trying to find a embroiderer/seamstress to make a custom patch for a pro-Boxer, to depositing my tax return and Vespa Sale money! (jello Trip fund for me!)–and finally on to more elusive plans that I cannot tell you about at this juncture–but know this, it will be great. Definitely defeated the boredom of hump day, and helped release the doldrum memories of yesterday. Now I am on to creating a webpage sample of photos of a sailing trips to be possibly used on a website/collateral for Shearwater Sailing.  

Then I want to go through my cousin Kori’s wedding photos to send them out to the fam. There are some great shots there and most of them contain family members that have not been together for several years.  It was a special time and almost served as a beautiful family reunion. My cousins are spectacular. Oh and can I say that Ashton Gardens is the most gorgeous wedding chapel I ever knew existed? Bravo Kori for the idea, it was transcendent. Harp music, sunlight, trees, flower petals, *tear.

Well-on to jump the B (or Q) home. Does any other New Yorker out there try to beat their commute time everyday? I am always in competition with the fastest commute time home, I can’t help it. It keeps things interesting for sure, I thought it was mostly a guy thing. The best time I have done is 35? Lets shoot for 34 today. Oh, and I’d love a seat, too.

Been awhile.

30 Apr

I know I haven’t written much in awhile, for that I am sure it does not matter to you in the least.

Just want you to know that is going to change. Now.

Today: the office was so quiet you could hear a mouse scamper–and they often do. It was so damn BORING that it made me realize my own conundrum. I do stimulating, creative work; but only collaborate with myself. Most agencies, shops, etc. have “collaborative” environments with smart, creative people.  Being the only “creative” person makes for a very “uncreative” place to work. I need to fix this. I try music; I try self-explorative creative training. And yet still days like this; normal, no-name Tuesdays filled with silence and keyboard tapping. *sigh*

On an even sadder note I sold my Vespa today to a very nice French girl from, well, France–more recently a new inhabitant of Sunset Park. I will never forget the last moment. The title transfered, the keys swapped. Now she is wearing my old favorite army green military-style riding jacket…donning my signature white helmet and revving my little 150CC engine. But alas, it was not mine anymore. I kept my white leather gloves…they were trashed from use, and I had to keep something to remember the two years of being a Vespa owner. Maybe one day I will need them again. I guess now I can use this money for my “Travel Fund”. Look out world.

Well that is it for now, I must retire to a bath with my Amazon Kindle, reading my favorite “Pendergast” shenanigans. I may mourn my Vespa a bit, but I no longer have the worry of a vehicle on the streets of Brooklyn. It was surely good to me though, adieu lovely Vespa, adieu…