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Paris Torres steals the ideas of Kaitlyn Conley. BOO!

1 Jun

Can you tell the similarities? Stealing anothers creative vision = epic fail.

SYTYCD Audition of Parris Torres

Competition solo at JUMP VIP Competition-Nationals LA/200o of Kaitlyn Conley

Dance Therapy.

11 Apr

(Kate Jablonski’s formations, sheer imagination, and bravery in movement is amazing for a 22 year old)

(Is her stuff not so interesting to watch? Little surprises, everywhere.)

Did you know.

30 Mar

I feel the overwhelming sense of overcommunicated-ness everyday. This video is a perfect representation of that.

Ya Like Dags?

9 Mar

These Animals Look So Confused.

26 Jan

This woman will never go away. Interview “Media Malpractice”

9 Jan

Clean coal?

23 Dec

Merry Holidays – Jason Mraz.

23 Dec

YouTube two minute time-waster.

2 Dec

Barack’s Announcement.

2 Dec